Burger & Sauvignon Blanc

burger fries glass of wineNational Burger Day, a day made just for me.

I couldn’t decide if I’d make a burger at home, grab a burger from Smashburger (my fave) or get fancy with it at a restaurant.

After much research, we ended up at Central in Downtown DC, a favorite of ours. I celebrated the day with their only burger, medium-well, topped with bacon and a spicy mustard. It was simple, and delicious.

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Nando’s Peri-Peri & Reisling

wagner reisling and chicken wrapWas reading about New York’s “Wine Region of the Year” designation from Wine Enthusiast and thought I should try a bottle.

Grabbed this Wagner Vineyards’ 2012 Riesling and a chicken wrap from Nando’s Peri-Peri. The wine is a bit sweet, but mellows out the more you drink. They say Riesling can pair with just about anything, and that rings true for Wagner’s offering. It went well with the grilled chicken I ended up picking out of the wrap.

I also paired this with chicken nuggets from Chick-Fil-A the following day and it was just as agreeable.

Lamb burger & Go Big Red Blend

go big wine and lamb burgerFor a blog called burger & wines, it sure took me a while to drink some wine with a burger, huh?

Well, I was craving a lamb burger and another glass of Modern House Wines Go Big. I added some Moroccan spices to the ground lamb, threw it on some pita bread with goat cheese and arugula. Perfection. And I’m still nowhere near the bottom of this bottle. (Oprah listed this as a party favorite. One bottle can serve a glass to up to 10 guests.)

The cinnamon-y, mulled wine flavors of Go Big went very well with the Moroccan spices in the burger. I can see this pairing might become a regular.


An Inauguration & Modern House Wines

bottle of go big wine We popped open this bottle of Go Big by Modern House Wines before heading to the inaugural ball for the new D.C. mayor, Muriel Bowser.

Was pleasantly surprised by the slight spiciness and smoothness. Reminds me a bit of mulled wine. And it’s HUGE. Part of Oprah‘s November list of party favorites, this bottle can serve one glass to 10 guests.

Or, two bloggers heading to a celebration. (We only made it through less than half of the bottle.)

A special thank you to my sister, who gifted this bottle to me for Christmas, along with a wine basics class at Capital Wine School. Soon, I’ll be able to better articulate these wine flavors for you. Excitement all around!

Cookies & Pinot Noir

IMG_0975I asked for cookies, he bought back half of 7-Eleven’s cookie aisle. That’s what friends are for.

This 2013 Green Fin Pinot Noir is just okay on its own, and not okay with these cookies (vanilla Oreo’s, lemon creme, or SnackWell’s sandwich cookies). It’s made with organic grapes, picked up from Trader Joe’s and is pretty mild, slighty fruity.

But I’m not one to waste wine…or cookies.

Lamb Chopper & Sauvignon Blanc


Late lunch + much-needed writing time = cheese and wine for dinner.

This Cypress Grove Lamb Chopper (sheep’s milk) cheese is GREAT with this 2013 Francis Coppola Sauvignon Blanc. The cheese is a little sweet and so is the Sauvignon Blanc, but together they balance each other out.

Grabbed both at my local Safeway.