Burger & Sauvignon Blanc

burger fries glass of wineNational Burger Day, a day made just for me.

I couldn’t decide if I’d make a burger at home, grab a burger from Smashburger (my fave) or get fancy with it at a restaurant.

After much research, we ended up at Central in Downtown DC, a favorite of ours. I celebrated the day with their only burger, medium-well, topped with bacon and a spicy mustard. It was simple, and delicious.

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Orange peel chicken & Sauvignon Blanc


Today’s pairing is one of leftovers. The rest of today’s lunch, orange peel chicken from P.F. Chang’s, and the remaining 2013 Francis Coppola Sauvignon Blanc from last night. Also, more writing.

The citrus in the sauce goes perfectly with the wine, which is slightly sweet.

It’s hard for me to find a Sauvignon Blanc that I like. I avoid ones from New Zealand, which are too citrusy/acidic for me. But I think I’ve found a favorite in this one.

Update: JQ bought over some  soy garlic wings from BonChon Chicken, which paired even better with this Sauvignon Blanc.

Do you have a favorite Sauvignon Blanc I should try? Leave it in the comments below.

Lamb Chopper & Sauvignon Blanc


Late lunch + much-needed writing time = cheese and wine for dinner.

This Cypress Grove Lamb Chopper (sheep’s milk) cheese is GREAT with this 2013 Francis Coppola Sauvignon Blanc. The cheese is a little sweet and so is the Sauvignon Blanc, but together they balance each other out.

Grabbed both at my local Safeway.