Junk Food & Wine

junk food wine pairingIn maintaining it’s spot as one of my favorite Virginia wineries, Paradise Springs offered a Junk Food & Wine pairing. Just in time for the Halloween haul the kids in our lives will bring home, this tasting wasn’t only delicious and a good time, but it also set me up for some good RealLifeWinePairings at home.

My favorites:

The Sommet Blanc and Slim Jim. Sommet Blanc is a blend of 77% Vidal Blanc, 11% Traminette and 12% Chardonnay. It’s crisp, clean, refreshing and a tad sweet. It went well with the slight spice from the Slim Jim.

The Swagger, a port-style offering, went well with all of the chocolate. I’m usually not a fan of Swagger, but give me a glass with a Snicker’s bar and I’d probably finish the whole thing.