Doughnuts & Chardonnay

doughnut with bottle of chardonnay I couldn’t let National Doughnut Day pass without trying my hand at this pairing.

After searching far and wide for doughnuts on the evening of this important national observance, I found some glazed and powdered options at my local grocery store, where I also came across this $5 bottle of Lindeman’s Chardonnay.

The folks over at eatocracy suggest that donuts should be paired with a sweet sparkling wine. For me, that’s sweetness overload, so I went with this mild, very slightly citrus-y Chardonnay from Australia. The pairing wasn’t my favorite, but it worked.

I know it was doughnut’s day, but this cheap wine find was the true star of the day. I think I still have a doughnut or two left, but that bottle of wine is long gone.

What did you wash your doughnut down with on National Doughnut Day?


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