Burger & Sauvignon Blanc

burger fries glass of wineNational Burger Day, a day made just for me.

I couldn’t decide if I’d make a burger at home, grab a burger from Smashburger (my fave) or get fancy with it at a restaurant.

After much research, we ended up at Central in Downtown DC, a favorite of ours. I celebrated the day with their only burger, medium-well, topped with bacon and a spicy mustard. It was simple, and delicious.

Not only were we able to grab a great burger but we made it in time for happy hour. A glass of 2014 Christian Lauverjat Perle Blanche accompanied my burger. It was light, refreshing and a little more tart than I would have liked, but was still a nice glass of wine with my burger.

A glass of Chardonnay is usually a safe go-to for a beef burger pairing, but Food & Wine also suggests a peppery Zinfandel.

What wine do you like to drink with your burger?


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